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Miaw Miaw Pouch – Salmon & Skipjack 60g AXMGF5


Miaw Miaw from Aixia Corporation is a revolutionary cat wet food, being the first with Fish/Chicken Peptide. Using this ingredient, peptide helps in destressing your pets in our city living environment where small & crowded space are our way of life.


Peptides also improve appetite by bringing out the rich flavours of maguro tuna and chicken fillet. Miaw Miaw also helps to improve the assimilation of proteins, making the food an ideal choice for your cat.


Also suitable for weak and nursing cats. It comes with a light soft jelly that melts when warm.


Ingredients – Fish (salmon, bonito, fish extract, fish peptides etc.), yeast extract, polysaccharide thickener, seasoning, paprika pigment


We love Miaw Miaw. Miaw Miaw loves you.


“What is a-I PEPTIDE?”

a-I PEPTIDE is made for indoor cats and it was joint-developed, with AIXIA and Mr. ARIHARA,
professor of VET department, at Univ of KITAZATO, * one of the famous VET department in JAPAN.


1) What is PEPTIDE?

PEPTIDE is a material which is made from the process of decomposing Protein to Amino acid,
combining more than 2 to 20 Amino Acids. Furthermore, PEPTIDE performs better in digestion
and absorption than Protein. PEPTIDE has been proven to improve mental state, helps destressing,
and increase patalability of the food.


2) Peptide Amino Acid!


3) Palatability is increasing with a-I PEPTIDE

PEPTIDE has been known to have more rich tastness than Amino acid, and so the products
which include a-I PEPTIDE increase deliciousness.


4) Supporting mental health with better taste & happy cats


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