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Love’em Gourmet BEEF Sausages – 120g LE521


Our most revolutionary dog treats to date, we’re so excited to release our new love’em gourmet grain free sausages! Created from premium Aussie grown beef and fresh herbs, my gourmet beef with tomato and basil sausages are slowly oven dried to lock in the succulent flavours and aromas your dog will love. Grain free and with nothing artificial, they’re a delicious treat that’s rich in natural proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Why love’em beef sausages?
-Grain free with no fillers
-They’re 95% meat and 5% fresh veggies, herbs and natural flavourings
-They’re so healthy, rich in protein, iron, vitamins and minerals
-100% naturally delicious, no artificial ingredients whatsoever
-Slowly oven dried to lock in succulent flavour
-We use only human grade ingredients from Aussie farms which are literally good enough to eat
-100% Australian family owned company developed and owned by Dr Marie Rowe BVSc MSc.


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