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Kaytee Clean&Cozy Bedding EXTREME ODOR 40L KT533084


Kaytee® Clean & Cozy™ Extreme Odor Control bedding gives you a whole new standard in super-soft, absorbent bedding. Clean & Cozy™ Extreme Odor Control bedding provides a full 14 days of odor control or your money back. Clean & Cozy™ bedding keeps pets clean and dry. Clean & Cozy™ bedding is soft and fluffy to encourage healthy burrowing or nesting while absorbing six times its weight in liquid. Plus, Clean & Cozy™ bedding is 99% dust free for a clean and healthy habitat. This bedding is ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils or Chinchillas.



– 14 Day Odor Control Guarantee

– 99.9% Dust Free for a Cleaner Cage

– Absorbs 6x its Weight in Liquid

-Safe and Comfortable

– Neutralizes Odor for Fresh Clean Cage


Intended Pet(s): Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Mice, Rats or any other small animals


Material(s): Trimmings and Remnants from Hygienic Paper Products


Enclosure Considerations: Appropriate for use in any type of cage.


Amount : Cover base of habitat or enclosure with loose product to a depth of 1 to 3 inches.


Cleaning: At least once per week, remove all bedding and wash enclosure with a mild soap solution. Rinse cage thoroughly with clean water to ensure the removal of soap residue. Frequency of cage cleaning depends on the size of your pet’s home and number of animals. Always replace bedding with fresh product. Maintaining a clean cage will keep your pet from developing respiratory problems due to ammonia build up in the cage caused by urine.


Disposal: Used bedding should be discarded.


Caution: When used for baby birds, monitor babies to ensure bedding is not accidentally consumed. Animal consumption of any bedding product should be avoided. If you believe your pet is experiencing health concerns related to this bedding, discontinue use, clean the cage and change bedding type. If the problem persists, contact your veterinarian.


WARNING: This product contains wood dust, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

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