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GEX Pure Sand Pastel 8kg GX016133


– Material: natural sand
– This product is ornamental fish breeding aquarium only. Please do not use for other purposes.
– Please keep out of reach of children.
– When washing with water. Please use gloves and so on so as not to get injured.
– Do not wash the gravel in the aquarium. The tank will be damaged and it will cause cracks.
– Please note that the pH value of breeding water may change depending on the passage of time and various factors.
– The color of gravel may differ due to natural materials.


How to use
– Please put this product in a container such as a bucket or washbowl and wash it until it gets turbid. ? Please do not wash the gravel in the tank. (Cloudy water not harmful to fish)
– Please spread this product on the bottom of the aquarium.

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