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GEX Easy Aqua Tower GX032072


Raku AQUA Tower is without moving the fish, one-touch drainage system adoption of interior water tank that can be easily water instead of just adding water. With a sense like raising water to plants, you can change the water just by adding water in the cup. New sense interior aquarium.


Easy point 1 … Just add water with a cup, easy drainage etc. accumulated on the bottom, because it is difficult to flow to the filter case, please remove regularly in a dropper (sold separately), and the like.


Raku Point 2 … No need to carry aquarium. Therefore, there is no worry of spilling water.


Raku Point 3 … You can change water without moving the fish. So I’m friendly to fish.


Please note:-
● This product is only for indoor ornamental fish breeding. Please do not use for other purposes.
● When using a heater, please use Heater 10W type for GEX made ornamental fish. If other than this is used or the water level drops and the heater is exposed to the air, it may cause deformation or fire.
● Because scratches are easily attached to the tank surface, please do not use such as a sewage when cleaning.
● Please drain the water for water exchange as quietly as possible. If you put in vigorously, the dirt that accumulated in the tank will soar by the water current, from which the dirt will not flow easily into the filter case.
● When using other than the attached gravel, please use gravel with a grain size larger than the hole at the bottom of the overflow pipe. When laying fine gravel such as silica sand please remove the overflow pipe and use.
● Overflow If you are breeding a small fish such as a fish that is caught in a hole in the bottom of the pipe, please spread gravel with a grain size larger than the hole or remove the overflow pipe when not laying the gravel.
● When using the overflow pipe, please adjust so that the water level will reach 1 cm or more lower than the drain groove of the aquarium so that no fish flows into the filter case. (When exchanging water, be careful not to let the fish flow into the filter case.)


Aquarium Size: About width 15.8 × depth 22.5 × height 25.5 Cm


Water capacity: about 3.8 liters (tank only) (filtration case: about 0.9 liter)

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