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GEX E-AIR 2000SB GX016959


Gex e-AIR 2000SB
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* Never miss a sound inside special sealed air pump is.
Product description “Gex e-AIR 2000SB” is a special sealed let the sound of the internal air pump. Air outlet: 1 piece.
-Adaptive Aquarium: Aquarium depth of 50 cm or less (less than 120 cm aquariums)
Please note -Read carefully before your warning comes with instructions and precautions of the product, please understand. Keep instruction manual where it can be retrieved at any time.
-This product is only the ornamental fish breeding indoor aquariums are designed. For other purposes, please do not use absolutely.
? cannot be used outdoors.
? do not use the device in direct sunlight and humid or dusty place, where the fumes and steam.

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