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GEX AQ Turtle Happy Food Sticks (12pc) GX030009


● Rice time petting time
● Because be raised by hand new sense of food becomes friends with a turtle’s
blended with calcium-vitamin to support the health and growth of the shell
● Containing shrimp

Soy protein, corn , fish meal, vegetable oil, shrimp meal, banana, mango, flour, glycerin, thickening stabilizer (modified starch), baking powder, glycine, acetic acid Na, thickeners (polyacrylic acid Na), brewer’s yeast, monosodium glutamate, minerals, vitamins, colorants (carotenoids), antioxidant (rosemary, vitamin E)

Nutritional Analysis:
Crude protein … 25.0% or more
Crude fat … 7.0% or more
Crude fiber … 5.0% or less
Crude ash … 5.0% or less
Moisture … 21.0% or less

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