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Biohome BioMotion – 300g BH0071


Product Summary

– Floating sintered glass, specially designed for moving bed filtration
– Can be used in all types of biofilter
– Better contact with dissolved waste
– Excellent removal of nitrogenous compound
– Consistent replacement with `new’ bacteria
– 10x – 50x more surface area compared to conventional plastic media
– Less filter column space required
– Better fliter recovery from use of medication
– Comes coated with Bioearth for excellent water conditioning



BIOMOTION is the latest addition to the “Biohome” brand sintered glass filter media product range. It is a unique sintered glass which allows beneficial bacteria to form and colonise at a much faster rate than on plastic media. Unlike other sintered glass filter media, BIOMOTION is very light, and is the first specifically designed sintered glass filter media made to work in a moving bed filter.

How to use

BIOMOTION can be used in canister, overhead, internal (multi chamber), trickle tower and moving bed filters. If you want to DIY, BIOMOTION can be easily moved by a regular aquarium air pump in a small conical style (bottle type) home-made aquarium filter.

In a pond filter chamber or the sump of a large aquarium filter, a larger air pump or small powerhead pump should be used to move the media. Bio Motion is biological media and especially if used as static media, good mechanical filtration like filter wool to remove any heavy muck particles should always be used to avoid clogging of the smaller holes.

Like all Biohome brand sintered glass media, BIOMOTION will last a long time. With excessive movement the lifespan will shorten and to minimise wear in aquaria we would suggest leaving not more than 20% of volume space in the filter chamber. Approx 100g of BIOMOTION can be used to treat 120 litres of water. It can act as a main or secondary biofilter. BIOMOTION used in moving bed filters requires NO cleaning. 1kg of Biomotion is about 2.1 litres.

How it works

BIOMOTION is made of sintered glass (silica) a natural surface on which beneficial bacteria can form and colonise at a much faster rate than on plastic media. It normally takes BIOMOTION around 21-42 DAYS to colonise, compared to plastics’ 6-20 WEEKS.
The available surface area for colonisation of bacteria of BIOMOTION is 10x-50x greater than plastic media and with use this actually INCREASES as the outer surface wears and the inner surfaces are exposed giving a massive inner structure for the colonisation of new bacteria, this process will continue through its working life which can be extended indefinitely by the addition of new media to compensate for any wear over a period of years.

Why do I need BIOMOTION

Moving bed filters are becoming the filter of choice in commercial Aquaculture for good simple reasons. In any static filter a large percentage of the media surface (beneficial bacteria) never come into contact with the water due to how they are stacked in the filter. Moving bed filtration, through moving vigorously by aeration, ensures 100% contact between water and media. As a result there is good contact between dissolved waste in water and the biofilm that grows on the substrate.

The air bubbles from aeration further help to provide oxygen to the bacteria, making this type of filter excellent for removing nitrogenous compounds as the interaction between the waste and the surface area of the substrates is high. `Old’ bacteria is constantly knocked off and replaced with `new’ vigorous bacteria. The natural surface of BIOMOTION also means the bacteria do not need to form the slime layer they need to attach to plastic media therefore it runs clean and requires only gentle movement to give full water to media contact.

Plastic media was designed to be used in vast quantities and has a low surface area which simply does not scale down for successful use in hobbyist systems. BIOMOTION can be used alone or with existing plastic media to give a huge performance boost.

With its massive surface area compared to plastic, you will require much lesser amount of media, reducing the size of the filter column required. This makes BIOMOTION used in moving bed filters, very ideal for tanks of all sizes. Furthermore, BIOMOTION is coated with Bioearth that wears away to improve water quality. Customers can continue the use of Bioearth if they wish. BIOMOTION importantly will also stand the use of regular medications and retain some bacteria giving fast filter function recovery, all beneficial bacteria is wiped out by the use of medications on plastic media.

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