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Azmira Organic Shampoo 8oz AZ2004


Azmira’s Organic Shampoo is an excellent skin and coat cleanser for all pets of all ages. Organic Shampoo is safe for weakened dogs who need a relaxing, non-stressful wash. The shampoo also helps to reduce allergy and bite-related skin irritations. Useful for dogs and cats; safe on puppies and kittens, horses, ferrets and rabbits. Use Azmira’s Organic Conditioner for a tangle-free coat and softer, healthier skin. The perfect item to include with your dog grooming supplies.

Organic Coconut, Aloe Vera, Oatmeal, Standardized Goldenseal* and Yucca Extracts*. (*to help reduce coat static, allergy or bite related irritations).

For optimum benefits to overall health, do not bathe more than every six weeks; every two weeks if theskin is in crisis. This prevents stripping essential oils from the skin. If lifestyle requires more frequent bathing, use a conditioner for after-bath moisturizer.

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