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Azmira Garlic Daily Aid 90gel AZ4018


Azmira’s Garlic Daily Aid provides the compound allicin through a broad-spectrum food loaded with therapeutic benefits. Most health issues can be more easily prevented and reversed through daily allicin supplementation. It promotes digestion and assimilation and has naturally occurring thiamine which promotes natural pest control by repelling fleas and ticks. The need for increased allicin levels are prevelant in today’s toxic environment. Garlic Daily Aid purifies the blood and stimulates the lymphatic system which builds up the immune system and makes an excellent daily tonic to help your pet maintain and improve their health and well being.

Azmira Garlic Aid Daily can benefit pets with the following conditions:

premature aging
cancerous growths
parasitic infestation
yeast, fungal, bacterial or viral infections
fatty tumors
kennel cough
chronic ear infections
stop the spread of Parvovirus
flea and tick repellent
In addition, if your pet has received any of the following treatments or drugs, Azmira Garlic Daily Aid benefits its abilty to rebound back to optimum health:

Chemical worming
Infestation or Infection
The recommended daily dose is the equivalent of consuming up to 40 cloves of garlic. Your pet cannot stomach this much whole garlic, which is why Dr. Lisa S. Newman developed Garlic Aid Daily. Each small gel cap contains 1000mg. of high quality garlic extract. Garlic’s purest form is raw extract and proper dosage is very important. Cats and small dogs daily dose is 500-1000mg. The dose for dogs is 2000-4000 mg.

A monthly regiment of this miracle supplement is a small investment in your pet’s health and can reduce future health problems and veterinarian costs.

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