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Azmira Abandonment 1/2oz AZ6000


Azmira’s Abandonment Flower Remedy is great for pets who have difficulty being left alone with homesickness or depression. They need their emotions stablized and this is the product to solve these issues. Abandonment Flower Essence can be used even years after the abandonment occurred, when the feelings and fears remain. Following Dr. Lisa Newman’s formula for feelings of abandonment and depression, the active ingredients in Abandonment Flower Remedy are Agrimony, Gorse, Heather, Honeysuckle and Walnut.

Abandonment Flower Remedy contains 30C & 200C of each of the following:

Agrimony: Tries to hide their distress
Gorse: Deep seated feelings, hopelessness
Heather: Difficulty being alone, needs contact
Honeysuckle: For homesickness
Walnut: Stabilizes emotions in transitions
Other ingredients: 20% Ethanol, Distilled Water

Because Pets Have Emotions, too
Flower Essence therapy is a gentle and natural approach to help balance your pet’s emotional shortcomings. Flower essences are a part of homeopathy, which is an incredibly powerful yet often misunderstood way of treating issues. While flower essence therapy will not change the inherent temperament of a particular breed or animal, it will help bring them into balance.

We have been off and on followers of flower essence therapy for a number of years. While it seemed to be one of those “too good to be true” sorts of therapies, working with flower essences on our pets has really opened the door to its credibility with us. We have had wonderful results with animals coming from shelter backgrounds as well as loss of a “best friend” in the “group.”

A person has the tremendous power to trick themselves into believing something works (and for that matter, it can). An animal really has no idea that you have just placed a few drops of an essence blend into their drinking water. It’s really a fascinating to witness changes in their behavior. For some, it may be subtle; others may experience more prevalent changes.

How To Use It
Give 2 to 6 drops orally, 3 times a day between meals or mixed into the water dish. Initially, dose may be repeated every 5 to 15 minutes up to 1 hour as needed. (We have had excellent results just adding a few drops to their water — changed daily — as well as putting a drop or two on one of our fingers and then gently rubbing the side of their face near or on their mouth.)

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