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Aixia Kenko Pouch ENERGY – Skipjack Tuna Paste 40g AXKZJ 5


An unique pouch food that combines MCT (medium chain fatty acid oil) to support health maintenance. Medium chain fatty acids in the form of coconut oil which easily become energy and is good in digestion and absorption. Easy to consume for senior cats. Paste type. Suitable for cats on dry food diet or cats not drinking enough water.

Ingredient : Fish(Skipjack tuna, Tuna extract),Starch, Medium-chain triglyceride, Yeast extract, Thickening agents

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein: 6% or more, crude fat: 0.7% or more, crude fiber: 0.1% or less, crude ash content: 0.6% or less, moisture: 90.5% or less


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