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When Quintella decided she would bring a cat into her home once again, she knew she was in it for the long-haul. Her last cat, who has since crossed the rainbow bridge, was with her for 22 wonderful years. And when she met Rei, a two-year-old, perky Bengal cat, Quintella was excited to start a new chapter with her. “Bringing home a cat is like bringing home a family member,” Quintella says. To her, providing Rei with the best a cat-parent could offer came naturally. Through their story, Quintella

Northwest Naturals: Raw Diet Dog & Cat Food One year on into the pandemic, the emphasis on enforcing sanitation and hygiene regulations is at its all-time peak. This mindfulness and stringent protocols in place apply to the food industry too, of course — especially concerning enterprises in the pet food industry. With a passion for pet nutrition and health coupled with an attitude for service and excellence, Northwest Naturals have been making their pawprint in the pet food scene, with a particular interest in raw food diets. Their mission has always

If you’re a pet owner, I’m sure you can relate: No pawrent ever wishes for any harm or tragedy to befall their beloved pets. When we introduce a new pet into our lives, they immediately become like family to us — so much so that some of us go to the extent of endearingly referring to them as our furbabies too. Needless to say, when Denise first welcomed her new French Bulldog puppy into her life, the future looked warm, bright and full of licks and cuddles. Having owned

You may have heard the phrase, ‘cats are obligate carnivores’ before. But what exactly does that mean? Obligate carnivores are a class of animals which include lions, tigers, and the domestic cat. The term ‘obligate’ specifies it is a biological necessity for a cat to eat meat in order to receive the nutrients she needs for her survival. This sets cats apart omnivores such as humans, or even dogs. Still, we never actually find dietary information on cat food that does not include certain percentages of carbohydrates or fat—and we

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